Tesla teams up with Target to install Superchargers locations across the US

If only Target were still in Canada, as an agreement between the retail giant and Tesla from December 2019 shows many Superchargers will soon be coming to their stores.

The agreement, dated December 10, 2019 and discovered by Marco (@MontrealTesla) gives Tesla permission to “file and pursue permit applications for the possible installation of Tesla Supercharger and other car charging facilities and equipment.

Tesla Target agreement

Along with the agreement, which is valid until December 31, 2020, a list of potential locations is also included. Exhibit A, titled ‘Authorized Locations’, lists 38 locations across the US from nearby the Tesla factory in Fremont South, all the way east to Daytona, Florida.

With the massive retail footprint of Target and growing market share of Tesla, installing Superchargers at Target locations across the country would be a big boost for both companies. Not only will it draw new customers to Taret stores, but it will also make charging more convenient for many Tesla owners and drivers.

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