Tesla announces Q3 Supercharger voting winners, and Quebec leads again

It came a little later than usual, but Tesla has announced the winner for the most recent round of Supercharger voting. Like the Q2 results which saw Gatineau, Quebec be the only Canadian location in the top 5 (and take the top spot), Quebec again represented Canada in the winners list, but this time with two locations.

Tesla first launched Supercharger voting last year as a way for owners to help determine where future Superchargers should be located. The voting is held every quarter, and sites with the most votes get picked based on their geographical location. Canada and the US are clumped together as ‘North America,” and with a substantially larger population of Tesla owners living south of the border, it has been difficult for Canadian cities to receive enough votes to place in the top 5.

That changed last quarter with Gatineau, Quebec taking the top spot. Quebec Tesla owners were again able to rally the troops and drum up enough votes to earn two spots in the top 5 in the Summer round of Supercharger voting. Tadoussac came in fourth place, and Ange-Gardien, which just missed out on the top 5 in the last round, came in fifth.

The other North American winners were Branson (Missouri), San Simeon (California), and Kanab (Utah).

Here are the winners for the other regions, as well as five bonus winners.


  • Brașov, Romania
  • Szolnok, Hungary
  • Fuzesabony, Hungary
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Nyíregyháza, Hungary


  • Mansfield, Australia
  • Batemans Bay, Australia
  • Takayama, Japan
  • Ito – Shimoda, Japan
  • Yamaguchi, Japan

Bonus sites:

  • Hull, United Kingdom
  • Tromsø, Norway
  • La Baule, France
  • Pingtung, Taiwan
  • Princeton, New Jersey

Q4 2023 Supercharger Voting

This also means Q4 Supercharger voting has now started. If you are unfamiliar with the process, Tesla account holders can vote up to five times during each 3-month voting cycle, but only one vote can be used per location to prevent vote stacking. You can also submit location ideas for the next round of voting.

In Canada there are four proposed locations in B.C., including three on Vancouver Island, three in Alberta, one in Saskatchewan (Kindersley), nothing in Manitoba, several in Ontario and Quebec, nothing in New Brunswick, but this time one in Prince Edward Island, and two in Nova Scotia. Unlike the last round, there are no locations in the Northwest Territories.

Click here to vote in the Summer Q4 2023 Supercharger Voting cycle.

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