Tesla considering opening Supercharger network access to EVs in Norway

After first opening its Supercharger network to other electric vehicles (EVs) in the Netherlands last month, Tesla is looking to expand the pilot project to Norway.

According to a letter sent by Tesla’s manager of public policy and government relations Patrik Gayer to Norway’s Ministry of Transport, the automaker does not yet have a timeline for the expansion but wants to begin discussions with government.

We are now investigating other markets for a potential expansion of the pilot project. We would therefore very much like to meet you to tell you more about our plans. (via Bilbransje24)

Under the current pilot program, owners of other EVs in Norway, and neighbouring Germany and Belgium can plug into one of 10 Supercharger locations in the Netherlands.

Owners simply have to download the Tesla app and input their payment details in order to use the Superchargers.

The pilot project hasn’t been without its hiccups. Due to the non-standard placement of charge ports, other EVs frequently block two or more Superchargers while plugging in.

First tests of non-Tesla cars plugging in to Superchargers shows the experience is user-friendly, but doesn’t yet work with all EVs

Source: Electrek

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