Tesla sales in Germany rise 234% in November as legacy automakers see double digit declines

Even before Giga Berlin opens its doors, Tesla is showing off its dominance in the German automotive market.

In the month of November, Tesla sales rose 234% while at the same time overall car sales in Germany plunged 32%.

The strong performance by Tesla is indicative of an overall shift to from gas and diesel powered cars to electric.

Last month sales of all-electric vehicles increased 39%, giving EVs a market share of 20.3%.

Diesel-powered cars saw sales decline 56%, giving them a market share of 15.8%.  Gas car sales didn’t fair much better, dropping 44% for a 33.3% market share.

A major reason for the large drop in sales continues to be the global chip shortage, a problem which Tesla has been able to weather particularly well due to its ability to shift to new suppliers.

According to data from the KBA motor authority (via Automotive News), legacy automakers have not been as nimble.

The two biggest losers were Mazda and Ford, which saw sales drop 59% and 55% respectively.

Nissan (-49%), Citroen (-47%), and Jaguar (-46%) were not far behind.

Even German automakers were not immune to the large declines. Audi’s sales fell 45%, VW saw sales drop 42%, while Mercedes-Benz and BMW sales were down 37% and 32% respectively.

Pre-production Tesla Model Ys spotted outside Giga Berlin

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