Tesla added 200 Supercharger stations on mainland China in H1 2022; tally now 1,200

Public charging network is the backbone of the EV industry, and things are moving in China, where Tesla has deployed over 1,200 Supercharger stations on the mainland. The figure was published by Tesla’s official Weibo account.

The updated tally of Tesla’s Supercharger deployment also shows the EV company now maintains 8,700 Superchargers, 700 destination charging stations, and 1,800 destination charging connectors. Tesla ended the month of June 2022 with a Supercharger presence in over 370 cities and regions.

The last time Tesla released figures about its public charging network in China was in January 2022. It showed the company was operating over 8,000 Superchargers in more than 1,000 stations on the mainland.

This means Tesla added about 200 new stations and 700 Superchargers in China in the first half of 2022.

Tesla’s chargers are distributed across hotels, resorts, dining halls, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. The Superchargers can supply up to 250 kW to Tesla cars, meaning drivers can add about 250 km in just 15 minutes of charging. Users can monitor the charging progress on their smartphones and also check the availability of the nearest chargers.

Tesla is famous for its global network of Superchargers, easily identified by its signature red and white color scheme. For a long time, it was exclusive to Tesla cars and a massive selling point due to the extensive network and reliability. However, the American EV company is opening up its charging network to other electric cars in several European countries, with a promise to also open it in the US by adding CCS adapters.

The company launched the 35,000th Supercharger on its global network in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province of China.

Tesla is expanding the Supercharger network outside China. Last week, it increased the number of chargers in British Columbia by adding 12 new stalls in Hope. It is also planning to build the largest charging station outside California in Oregon in the US, which will host 51 charging stalls.

Meanwhile, a new update will let Tesla navigation reroute you to less busy Superchargers.

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