Tesla navigation can reroute you to less busy Superchargers

If you are going on a drive that is long enough to require a stop at a Supercharger, your Tesla navigation will tell you where and for how long you need to stop and plug in. It can also tell you if some stalls are out of order, and even how many stalls are available in real-time.

Now if the Supercharger station is experiencing congestion and you may have to wait for an available stall, your navigation may decide to re-route you to a less busy Supercharger.

According to a photo shared by The Cybertruck Guy (@cybrtrkguy) while travelling through Ohio over the weekend, your in-car navigation will display a message “Rerouting to a less busy Supercharger” above the turn-by-turn directions. (via Reddit)

Based on the photo, it appears as though the navigation simply redirects you to the new Supercharger, and does not give you the option to either accept or deny the new route.

It is also unclear if there is any audible notification to alert the driver of the new route. This could lead to a potential problem if you had a specific need to go to a specific Supercharger and don’t notice the message pop-up on the screen.

This isn’t the only recent change to how Tesla calculates your route. In the 2022.16.0.2 software update last month, Tesla added forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity and ambient temperature to improve its range calculations even further.

2022.16.0.2 Tesla Software Update & Release Notes: improved regenerative braking in cold weather and more undocumented features

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