Tesla Installs 9th V4 Supercharger, Located in the UK

Tesla installs the ninth V4 Supercharger site. The new station is located in Cornwall, UK and will contain eight stalls. Tesla is accelerating the pace of deployment of charging stations of the new version, stimulating the adoption of EVs.

Tesla ramps up its V4 Supercharger installation

In recent weeks, Tesla has stepped up the pace of the new V4 Supercharger deployment. For now, the company is only installing them in Europe and is giving open access to all brands of electric vehicles. The V4 Supercharger is designed to suit the needs of different vehicles. The charging cable on them is specially longer in order to reach the charging port of the car, regardless of where it is located.

The ninth V4 Supercharger station is being installed in the UK

@EstherKokkelman/X reported that Tesla is currently busy installing the new V4 Supercharger site. This is the ninth location seen to date. It is located in Cornwall, UK and has eight stalls. At the moment, the Supercharger site has not been put into service, but this should happen soon. The piles themselves are not covered, although they are still wrapped in a transparent protective film, and the site is asphalted. However, there are no markings on the pavement yet and there is still some installation equipment. It remains unknown at this point if these piles have a contactless card reader for payments, as has been seen at another site.

The number of V4 Superchargers in the UK is growing

This location was the second one seen in the UK. Late last week, Tesla officially opened its first in the country. It is located at the Tesla Center on Ravenside Retail Park, Tottenham. All V4 Supercharger piles there are equipped with contactless card readers. The location is open to electric vehicles of all brands, so using the card may be convenient for some owners who do not want to install the Tesla App.

In addition, it is known that the company plans to install a V4 Supercharger station in Swindon, UK. According to a development proposal, this location will be outputting 350kW. At the moment, there are no other reports about this location.

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