First Tesla V4 Supercharger Launches in UK, Offers Pay Via Card Payment

The first V4 Supercharger site in the UK is officially open. It became the seventh in the world. The new location offers charging for electric vehicles of all brands, which can be paid for via card. The location became the first Tesla Supercharger station in the world where it is possible to pay for the service with a card.

The UK welcomes its first V4 Supercharger

The installation rate of V4 Superchargers in Europe continues to increase. Today the UK welcomes its first opening at the Tesla Center on Ravenside Retail Park, Tottenham. The new V4 Supercharger was unveiled just a few hours ago and EVA England was invited to try it out.

The new charging station is open to all brands of electric vehicles, which is essential for smoother EV adoption. Concerns about where to recharge EVs are very common. Although Tesla’s branded network of chargers could only serve the company’s customers, the manufacturer is committed to encouraging all people who switch to EVs. As part of this initiative, the company began to steadily open up its Superchargers to everyone as soon as it built enough of them that it would not harm its own customers.

The new Supercharger equipped with a contactless card reader

The new V4 Superchargers at Tottenham are equipped with a contactless card reader. This means that EV owners no longer need to install the Tesla App to charge at a Tesla Supercharger. After the car is connected to the charging station, the owner must tap their card on the reader. Tesla will lock a certain amount from your account. After charging, you will be charged the amount by which you charged your car, and the rest will be returned to your account. In the case of EVA England, Tesla locked £20 on a 64kW Kia charge, but a company representative was expecting some amount to be returned to his account. It remains unknown whether this amount is the same for all cars or will differ depending on the size of the battery.

Tesla officially opened seven V4 Superchargers in the world

The V4 Supercharger station at Tottenham is the first in Europe and the seventh officially opened in the world. Six are already open in Europe, namely in the Netherlands, Austria, France, and Germany. However, more are planned. Another V4 Supercharger site will be installed in Swindon, UK. It will have 16 stalls and an output power of up to 350 kilowatts. Also, on August 18, @EstherKokkelman/X reported that a V4 Supercharger station installation was spotted in Gardermoen, Norway. Judging by the pictures from the site, at least 16 stalls are planned there. All of them are walk-through, which makes it more convenient to park for charging or charging an electric vehicle that is towing.

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