New ‘Starlink Rectangular’ satellite dish design unveiled

Fresh off removing the ‘beta’ sign from its windows, SpaceX’s Starlink has unveiled an all-new design for its satellite dish.

The new dish goes with a rectangular design, and is appropriately referred to as ‘Starlink Rectangular’ in company documentation.

spacex starlink dish

Along with the new rectangular design, the satellite dish is more user friendly in that if offers a number of new mounting options.

But they also made a change that will likely anger many users.

The original ‘Circular Starlink’ dish could be attached to any pole with a pipe adapter, or on roofs with a Volcano Mount, Flashing Mount, Ground Pole Mount.

The rectangular dish maintains the original mounting options, but also adds accessories for a Short Wall Mount, Long Wall Mount, and Pivot Mount.

While the new mounting options will be a welcome addition, the company also combined the power supply and router into one unit.

This means users will need to purchase a new Ethernet Adapter from the Starlink Shop to use a third-party router or mesh system.

Fortunately the company says they are working on a bypass solution which should be “coming soon.”

ethernet adapter

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