SpaceX offering more than 50% discount on Starlink hardware in Canada

SpaceX has launched a new promotion in Canada where new Starlink subscribers can get more than 50% off the required hardware purchase. The deal comes after the company has been offering two free months of Starlink internet service to new subscribers north of the border.

According to the Starlink website the regular price of $759 for your Starlink dish, WiFi router and power supply, cables, and base has been reduced 53% to $350. The deal appears to have just launched today and no end date is listed, although SpaceX does say it is a “limited time offer.”

The deal applies not only to those customers subscribing to the Residential service, but also the newly rebranded Starlink Roam, formerly known as Starlink RV. In Canada Starlink Roam provides high-speed, low-latency internet access on an as-needed basis anywhere in Canada for $170 per month.

There is an additional package offered for US subscribers where they can take their Starlink anywhere in the world where there is coverage for $200 per month, or stick with regional US coverage for $150 per month.

Starlink is now available anywhere in Canada after the service expanded to include the far northern reaches of the country late last year. The satellite internet service has so far received positive reviews in the far north where internet access was either extremely limited (and slow) or non-existent at all.

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