SpaceX has fixed the Crew Dragon toilet ahead of NASA Crew-3 launch

Ahead of the NASA Crew-3 mission scheduled for this weekend, SpaceX has tweaked its toilet tech on the Crew Dragon capsule.

The previous capsules had a minor issue with urine leaks when in space. The company found a tube hooked up to the toilet storage tank as the culprit.

The issue was first discovered during the Inspiration4 mission. However, astronauts currently at the International Space Station confirmed that Endeavour, the Crew Dragon used for Crew-2, also has signs of urine leakage.

The leaks are not a significant deal, but SpaceX took preventative measures ahead of the Crew-3 launch. To fix the problem, the tank no longer has joints that can come unglued or disconnected.

Instead, the tank is now an all-welded structure.

NASA is still vetting the change, but approval seems likely before this weekends launch of Crew-3.

SpaceX, of course, holds a multi-billion dollar NASA contract to carry agency astronauts to and from the space station. Crew-3 will be the third operation mission SpaceX flies under the deal. In addition, SpaceX also launched a two-month crewed test flight in the summer of 2020.

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