SpaceX granted Starlink license in Jamaica

Starlink is expanding again. This time, it has received a license to operate in Jamaica, as reported by The Gleaner. According to the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology, Elon Musk’s SpaceX can turn on satellite internet service on the Caribbean Sea Island.

The Ministry welcomes Starlink as it will offer internet connectivity even in the remotest parts of Jamaica. It will help deliver online education and telehealth services and boost economic growth. Starlink is also mainly immune to natural disasters and is excellent for emergency services.

Portfolio Minister Daryl Vaz commented, “We are working assiduously to broaden the connectivity across the island. Starlink is a move in the right direction because, with satellite Internet, even the areas that have never been connected previously, have the opportunity to have access to high-speed Internet now.

“Consumers will now have more options in choosing service providers. I remain committed to ensuring we continue to advance technologically as this will bolster advancement in education, the medical field, and economic growth.”

Starlink has helped keep Ukrainians online during the ongoing Russian invasion. It is also helping to deal with disasters such as Hurricane Ian in Florida, wildfires, and flooding. Musk also offered it in Iran, where protests have been on against the government.

SpaceX has also received a license to operate Starlink in Qatar. The company recently unveiled a new flat high-performance dish for maritime users.

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