SpaceX donates Starlink terminals to Florida, repositions satellites following Hurricane Ian

After Hurricane Ian ripped through southwest Florida earlier last week, SpaceX has stepped up to help the battered region.

In a press conference Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced SpaceX was donating 100 Starlink terminals for use by first responders and in communities cut off from existing communication networks.

In addition to the terminals, SpaceX also donated the cost associated with operations and access.

As well, Starlink has also repositioned a few of its satellites to provide stronger coverage in the area.

Due to extensive damage to the communication networks in the region, first responders have been dealing with spotty service in some areas during operations.

As per reporting by WTSP, the Starlink terminals will be able to support more than 1,000 users at once.

DeSantis confirmed that units were heading to Lee and Charlotte counties. In addition, search and rescue units in the area will also be getting terminals.

This is not the first time SpaceX has provided Starlink terminals to areas the suffered damage from natural disasters.

The company provided Starlink terminals in Germany after some regions of the country were flooded last year.

Closer to home, SpaceX also provided terminals to Kentucky communities devastated by a tornado.

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