SpaceX begins Starlink service in Spain

SpaceX has expanded the number of countries where it offers its satellite internet service, with Spain being the latest added to the list.

The company began emailing customers this week who had previously paid 99 euros to hold their spot in line. The email contained a link to purchase the Starlink dish and router.

Customers can expect to see download speeds of between 100 to 200MB/s according to the email, a number that is conservative compared to speeds seen in other countries.

Customers were also reminded that they can still experience short periods of service interruption when using Starlink, according to a report by Hipertextual.

The satellite internet service won’t be available throughout the country, but the company says they plan to expand to other regions soon.

SpaceX currently has 1,944 Starlink satellites in orbit, with plans to launch another batch later today.

The company’s current focus is to deploy around 4,400 satellites to complete its first five orbital shells, with a longer-term goal to launch as many as 42,000 satellites for its internet network.

India Director for Starlink Sanjay Bhargava steps down

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