‘Sleep Schedule’ feature launches for Starlink users to conserve power

SpaceX has launched a new feature for Starlink subscribers that will be a welcomed addition for those that have to regularly shut down their equipment when not in use to conserve power.

Called ‘Sleep Schedule,’ the new feature was added to the mobile app this week and allows users to set a schedule for when the Starlink dish will automatically power down. According to the description of the feature in the app this is to conserve power, with a reminder that there will obviously be no internet connection, but also that Starlink won’t melt snow that accumulates on it while powered down, which could be a problem when it comes time to turn it back on.

“Accumulated snow may take several hours to melt after your Starlink wakes up, and you may need to clear off snow to resume service,” SpaceX notes in the app.

Based on a screenshot of the feature shared on Reddit, users can set a time for when Dishy McFlatface should turn off, and a second time for when it should power back on. (via PC Mag)

Although it might seem strange that someone would want to shut down their Starlink equipment and not have internet access for several hours at a time (hello 21st century), this feature is likely targeted a specific user group. Those are Starlink subscribers who live off the grid, like Starlink RV users who sign up for the satellite internet service for the ability to have high speed, low latency internet while roaming the country in their RV, which obviously has a limited power supply.

These users could always turn it off manually, but now they can set it up so it can be done automatically based on their own schedule.


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