Number of active Starlink users grows to 145,000 in 25 countries

During their first launch of 2022, SpaceX revealed the number of active Starlink users has grown to 145,000.

SpaceX engineer Jessie Anderson made the announcement, saying the satellite internet service is now available in 25 countries around the world.

That is an increase from 140,000 users the company said were using the service in November 2021.

The two month increase of 5,000 users is less than what we have seen in previous tallies.

Since Starlink started operating in October 2020 an average of 11,000 users have been added per month.

The slowdown can likely be attributed to silicon shortages meaning the company can’t produce enough hardware to meet demand.

In November the company emailed customers to apologize for long delivery delays, with some customers having to wait until mid-2022 or even early 2023 to receive their hardware.

On Thursday SpaceX launched another 49 satellites into orbit onboard a Falcon 9 rocket.

You can watch the launch below.

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