First 2022 Tesla Model X totalled, driver walks away uninjured

refresh x crash
Credit: @CamAdelipour /Twitter

Tesla hasn’t delivered many refresh Model X vehicles, only handing over the first few cars in October 2021.

Unfortunately there is one less of the electric SUVs on the road today after one was involved in a T-bone accident that resulted in the car being a total loss.

Twitter user Camy.eth said the driver was his father, noting that this is likely the first 2022 Model X to be totalled.

In photos shared of the accident scene, we can see the Model X suffered extensive damage to the left side of the vehicle, also showing the curtain were deployed to protect the occupants.

Thanks to those airbags and Tesla’s impressive safety record, Camy.eth says his father was able to walk away uninjured.

Probably the worst part is that the owner will now have to place a new Model X order to replace his now totaled electric SUV.

Based on Tesla’s Design Studio, it won’t arrive until January 2023, a full year away.

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