Panasonic expands partnership with Redwood Materials to supply Giga Nevada with recycled materials


Panasonic announced an expansion of their partnership with Redwood Materials to use recycled materials in their battery cells at Gigafactory Nevada.

The agreement will see more recycled materials in Panasonic battery cells by the end of 2022.

Panasonic announced the news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In addition, the company noted that Redwood Materials would supply copper foil produced from recycled materials.

Copper foil is used on the anode side of their battery cells.

Former Tesla Chief Technological Officer JB Straubel founded Redwood Materials back in 2017. Redwood Materials aims to create a circular supply chain for electronics and EVs.

The company can extract cobalt, nickel and lithium from old consumer electronics for use in new devices.

Redwood currently works with Panasonic,, Ford, Amazon and AESC Envision.

Redwood have been active in the United States over the past twelve months. Earlier this year, the company announced they purchased 100 acres near the Nevada Gigafactory. Many assumed it was an extension of their deal with Panasonic at the time.

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In addition, the company announced plans in September to produce critical battery materials in the US. The factory will produce cathodes and anode foils enough for one million EVs by 2025.

Moreover, Redwoods will reveal the location of the plant in early 2022.

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