Elon Musk talks Mars and birthrates at Sun Valley Conference, but not Twitter

Credit: ONS Foundation

Elon Musk spoke about everything but what is dominating the headlines as a speaker at this weekend’s Allen and Co Sun Valley Conference.

In the interview Musk focused much of his time on Mars colonization and the declining world birthrate.

Musk went into great detail about SpaceX’s plans for the colonization of Mars and the multiple challenges SpaceX is looking to overcome.

He also discussed the virtues of boosting birth rates globally and the current underpopulation crisis. (via Reuters)

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, conducted the interview.

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research company that Musk founded, among a handful of others.

Unlike other conferences, Sun Valley does not typically publicize what the media and tech moguls discuss.

In fact, interviews and keynotes are not recorded.

However, it seems that the moguls were split in terms of what they thought of Musk’s interview.

Some hated the increased attention, while others hoped Musk’s interview would enliven the conference.

Hours before Musk took to the stage, his attorneys delivered an eight-page letter to Twitter noting they would call off the deal to acquire the social network.

Interestingly, Twitter’s CEO, Parag Agrawal and Chief Financial Officer Ned Segel were in attendance for the interview.

At least to say, the coffee break after Musk’s interview might have been a wee bit awkward for all involved.

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