SpaceX launches $50/month Starlink Mini roam package in the US

SpaceX has made taking your Starlink anywhere in the US even easier. The company has introduced the Starlink Mini roaming service in its home country, allowing subscribers to carry their high-speed internet connection wherever they go.

The new Starlink Mini package starts at $50 per month and allows users to roam in the US with the ultra-portable Starlink Mini. The miniature dish, the size of an iPad, can be easily taken anywhere, including remote areas.

The new Mini roaming package allows users to buy the small dish separately and gives users a data allotment of 50 GB per month, with portable or in-motion use.

According to Starlink’s estimates, this data allowance is enough for more than 20 hours of high-definition video streaming.

Customers can get more Mobile data through the app. They can also pause the service when necessary.

The new roaming package is only available with the Starlink Mini.

SpaceX released the Starlink Mini late last month. It weighs only 1.1 kg and measures 30 cm by 25 cm by 4 cm and integrates a Wifi router. The new dish can download at over 100 Mbps while consuming less power. It costs $599, but SpaceX has promised to bring the price down.

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