Tesla software update 2021.4.11 improves regenerative braking with cold soaked batteries

Tesla this week began deploying a new software update, 2021.4.11. Even though the release notes only mentioned bug fixes and improvements, one of those improvements appears to have been a significant one, especially for those in cold climates.

Several Canadian owners have noticed that after the update, their vehicles have almost full regenerative braking even with the blue snowflake on their battery. First noticed by Drive Tesla reader Ben Wo, this was occurring with less than 5 minutes of pre-heating in the morning.

This was later confirmed by two other Canadian Tesla owners, Zack and Gary.

If true, this will be a huge improvement to overall driving experience for owners in cold climates. Previously even with a lengthy pre-heating session, the car can sometimes not have full regenerative braking completely changing the feel of the car and having to actually use the brakes.

Do you have 2021.4.11? Have you also noticed a change in your regenerative braking? Let us know in the comments below.

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