Ford will stagger F-150 Lightning orders for reservation holders

Ford is planning to officially open their order books for the F-150 Lightning in January 2022.

While they have yet to announce the exact date that will take place, the automaker has started emailing reservation holders to let them know how the process will work, and some might not be happy with it.

Due to the high demand for the electric pickup truck, Ford says they will send invitations to order at staggered times.

Ford goes on to say that as a result, you may not be able to secure a 2022 F-150 Lightning.

Ford has previously announced plans to only make 15,000 units of the 2022 model, and with around 200,000 reservations, some customers could be in for a very long wait.

One thing that wasn’t explained was how they were going to determine who gets selected to be in the first batch of invitations. The email was shared on Reddit, where multiple users reported receiving it, some of whom placed a pre-order on the night of the unveiling while others placed theirs earlier this month.

Hopefully Ford sends the first invitations to those who were first in line to place a pre-order.

This announcement also raises questions about a Ford dealer we told you about last week. Rodman Ford in Massachusetts was attempting to get reservation holders to pay a $5,000 markup to get their truck at launch, but if Ford is staggering the invites, there is no guarantee that will actually happen.

A full copy of the email is below.

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