Musk tweets to soothe concerned Tesla shareholders

Elon Musk tweeted out that “Tesla is on my mind 24/7” to help ease investor worries around the Twitter deal.

Evidently, some investors raised concerns that Musk was not focused on continuing to grow Tesla amidst his investments in Twitter.

Tesla is having an up and down start to 2022.

The company opened up Giga Texas and Giga Berlin. However, Giga Shanghai faced COVID shutdowns. Tesla shares have lost 1/3 of their value on the stock price side since Musk disclosed he was moving to buy Twitter.

The stock is also getting hit due to the COVID shutdowns in China, and a widely-followed S&P sustainability index excluded Tesla.

One of Tesla’s largest shareholders, KoGuan Leo, took to Twitter to demand the automaker make some moves in the market.

Tesla must announce immediately and buy back $5 billion of Tesla shares from its free cash flow this year and $10 billion from its free cash flow next year, without effecting its existing $18 billion cash reserves with ZERO debt.

KoGuan has deleted the Tweet, but has since tweeted this:

At least to say, Tesla investors are feeling some discomfort, but considering the stock is still 20.9 per cent higher than last year, things are not too bad.

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