Your Tesla will soon visualize other Teslas with the correct model and colour

Tesla driving visualization

One of Tesla’s most unique features is the driving visualization that appears on the in-car display. With an update late last year that included a Full-Self Driving (FSD) visualization preview, the car’s computer can now render everything from other cars to garbage canes, lane markings, traffic lights, and even knocked over traffic cones.

Soon it will become even more accurate, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed on Twitter a future update will allow it to also render other Tesla vehicles.

Currently the only Tesla vehicle that appears on your display is your own, with the other vehicles appearing as generic grey sedans, pickup trucks, vans, or motorcycles. With the update, the visualizations will not only distinguish them from those generic visualizations, it will also render them in the correct Tesla colour.

What practical purpose will this improvement serve? Nothing, but it is part of the automaker’s DNA to create enhancements that make people love their car, no matter how small they may seem.

It will also just look really cool and will make my kids very happy, as it is something they ask for all the time. Remember how excited everybody got when traffic cones first appeared on the screen? Expect this to be even bigger.

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