Livestream video from your Tesla to your mobile app coming soon

Tesla Ring app
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What may be one of the most requested features by Tesla owners looks like it is coming soon in a free over-the-air (OTA) software update.

Something that makes Tesla vehicles unique are the multiple onboard cameras that can be paired with Sentry Mode. When the car is left unattended and the feature turned on, the multiple cameras continuously monitor the surrounding environment. If a “threat” is detected, the on-board cameras begin to record video, and if necessary the car alarm is activated.

If that happens, an alert is sent to the owner through the mobile app.

Unfortunately, all the owner gets is a notification, and you’re unable to view a livestream from the car’s multiple cameras. Now it looks like that feature is coming soon.

Tesla hacker @greentheonly, with a well-proven track record of discovering new features before they are released, revealed today that live-streaming of car videos is coming, and maybe soon.

green tweet sentry mode livestream

According to green, the feature, which was first hinted at by TeslaScope, won’t be limited to when Sentry Mode is active and you will be able to watch live videos from the car’s cameras at any time. The feature will be limited however to the same cameras that Sentry Mode uses, meaning (for now) no access to the B-pillar cameras or interior cabin camera.

Elon Musk has talked about this feature in the past, but said live-streaming from several cameras would use up too much bandwidth. It appears he was either able to find a solution, or he might have been pushed to release it after Ring announced a third-party solution to view Sentry Mode videos from your phone earlier this year (pictured above).

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