Missing Tesla DashCam icon? Fix coming in software update 2021.4.10

Tesla dashcam icon
Image via Mark Myk /Medium

If you’ve experienced the disappearing DashCam icon in your Tesla recently, the good news is it’s a known bug, and a fix is coming soon.

News of a fix was revealed to a Tesla owner in Vancouver, who was told to expect it to arrive in the 2021.4.10 software update. (via Reddit)

Hello from the Tesla West 4th Service Center. Regarding your Service request, please understand that what you are experiencing is a known firmware bug. Currently, Service Engineering is looking into this and expect it to be resolved in a future firmware update (expected in 2021.4.10). At the Service Center level, we are unable to make any firmware modifications to resolve this bug however we do recommend keeping your vehicle connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal whenever possible to help trigger any updates that may contain the fix. As there is no further action to take at this time, we will go ahead and close out your appointment. Thank you and have a nice day.

The issue arises when getting into your car after being been parked for a while and your car has shut down. Upon starting up, the small DashCam icon on the center display is missing.

Until the bug is fixed, the temporary solution is to unplug and plug the USB device back in.

This is particularly frustrating for recent Model 3/Y owners who’s USB port is now located in the glovebox.

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