Evidence of cloud-based driver profiles and settings found in Tesla source code

Tesla driver profiles

After years of waiting, it looks like Tesla may finally be getting close to moving driver profiles and settings to the cloud.

The proof comes from our favourite Tesla hacker @greentheonly, who found reference to the currently inactive feature in the latest Tesla firmware.

According to additional details provided by green, the cloud-based settings would follow you to any Tesla vehicle. Once inside, your driver profile would be migrated to the car, presumably based on the phone app.

The settings that would transfer over would not only include driving settings like seat and steering position, but also games and other app settings.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk first said cloud-based profiles would be coming all the way back in 2017, saying at the time your profile would follow you into any Tesla in the world.

As the automaker moves to an autonomous world with car sharing and Robotaxi fleets, cloud-based profiles will be a huge convenience for Tesla owners.

Here is a short video from Tesla highlighting driver profiles.

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