Leaked images and video give sneak peak of redesigned Tesla mobile app

Rumours have been circulating for several months that Tesla has been working on releasing a newly designed mobile app for owners.

So far it has been just that, rumours, with the exception of one official image that was snuck into a promotional video that showed a new Tesla Energy and Powerwall interface.

Tesla app powerwall
Image via Tesla

Now some unofficial images and videos have surfaced showing the redesigned app in much more detail, even giving hints at some possible new features that will come along with it.

The images and videos were shared with Trevor Page (@Model3Owners) and posted to his Tesla Owners Online forum. The ‘home page’ off the app appears quite similar to the current app, with a new car visualization but with many of the same menu options like ‘Climate’, ‘Summon’, and ‘Upgrades.’

There is also the familiar ‘Controls’ option, but once inside the menu we see a brand new top-down visualization, similar to what was available in the previous user interface within the car itself.

Also included in the new redesign is the addition of some images for upgrades and the ability to access the Tesla Shop to purchase accessories and parts.

One interesting aspect shown on the home page is the user profile icon in the top right-hand corner where the loot box is currently located. This icon could indicate the impending release of profiles with user settings and preferences saved in the cloud.

This is something we know the automaker is already working on thanks to the investigative work of hacker @greentheonly, who found evidence of it in Tesla source code earlier this year.

Two videos were also shared of the app in action (see below), revealing a new animation for when the HVAC is on inside the car.

From what we can see in these images and videos, the new app appears mostly to be a design refresh. There does not appear to be much new functionality other than the ability to access the Tesla Shop from within the app.

As Trevor noted with his post, the app is still in its early form and not all functions are ready yet. By the time it is released to the public it will hopefully include things like the ability to set charge rates, schedule departure times, and the option to customize what icons appear on the main screen (among many other things).

What functions do you hope come in the new app? Let us know in the commends below.

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