2022.12.1 restores heated seat controls and more to bottom bar, and Disney+ for Canada [Update]

Earlier this week the release notes for the 2022.12 Tesla software update were leaked online, showing the version was going to include additional bottom bar customization.

Although the details were not available, we speculated this would bring back heated seats controls, among others, to the home screen after they were removed with the controversial V11 software update last year.

Today, 2022.12.1 has been publicly released and you can now add those controls and more to the bottom bar.

According to images of the release notes shared by u/stealth1blaze on Reddit, front defrost, rear defrost, heated steering wheel, and wiper controls can be added.

Other items included in the release include the ability to set the child lock to a single rear door, Dog Mode and Camp Mode can now be enabled through the mobile app, and Turkish language support has been added.

Unfortunately despite what we were hoping, Disney+ support has not beed added for Canada, according to @greentheonly.

UPDATE 5:36pm PST: Disney+ is actually included for Canada!

2022.12.1 Release Notes

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