LAPD warns Tesla owners after rash of thefts involving rims and tires

It appears Tesla rims and tires are a hot commodity in the Los Angeles area after the LAPD officially warned Tesla owners after a rash of thefts in the area.

The warning, which was posted to the LAPD Pacific Twitter account, shows a picture of a blue Tesla Model 3 without wheels, propped up on what appear to be drink crates.

Along with the warning, the LAPD also recommended to owners to activate Sentry Mode to hopefully catch the thieves on video.

According to the LAPD, the thefts have mainly taken place in the Palms and Mar Vista areas. We were also able to find more evidence of the thefts with this photo taken in nearby Venice Beach, showing another Model 3 on what appear to be the same drink crates as the ones from the LAPD picture.

Tesla Model 3 on blocks Venice
Image via Facebook

There has definitely been an uptick in the number of non-Tesla vehicles sporting Tesla wheels lately. Specifically the standard 18″ Aero wheels seem to be a popular choice, which pictures surfacing of them appearing on a Honda Civic, Acura TL, Ford Taurus, and even on another electric vehicle, a Chevy Bolt.

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