Tesla updates the way you are billed while using their Superchargers

It may come as a surprise to a number of Tesla owners out there, but until now you were only being charged for the energy being sent to your battery pack while using a Supercharger. Now Tesla has recently updated the way that owners are billed while using the Supercharger network, according to an internal memo obtained by Tesla Owners Online.

Now if you stay in your vehicle while Supercharging, and for example keep the heat on and play some Beach Buggy Racing 2, you will also be charged for the energy sent to those systems, and not just the battery pack.

As mentioned in the memo, Tesla is merely recouping their costs and billing customers for the actual amount of kWh used while charging.

It should be noted that in Canada, we are billed by the minute, not by the amount of energy used in the charging process, so it will have no impact on us. But if you travel into the US at all and go on any extended road trips, you will be charged more if you stay in the vehicle and use those systems noted in the memo.

The impact however should be nominal, as most of the time many people leave their vehicles while Supercharging to stretch their legs, or go for a coffee and quick bite to eat. Even taking into account these additional charges, Supercharging is still going to be cheaper than 3rd party charging stations that aren’t free.

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