Watch as Tesla Model 3 is keyed/plier’d in Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver Tesla pliers

Another random act of vandalism against a Tesla has been caught on Sentry Mode, and this time it didn’t involve keys or a knife, but a pair of pliers.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of February 18, 2021 at Vancouver’s Oakridge Center. The owner, Jared Gill, tells Drive Tesla his Model 3 was parked in The Bay’s parking lot with Sentry Mode active.

In the video we can see a mall security guard on the right of the screen walk past the Tesla. As he exits the frame of the rear camera, we can see the suspect emerge from behind a Toyota Matrix parked near the Tesla.

After unsuccessfully attempting to open the rear door of the Matrix, he continues to walk toward Gill’s Model 3 with something in his hand.

It is only once he gets close enough do we see he’s holding a pair of pliers, which he then uses to leave a deep scratch along the side of the Tesla.

Unfortunately we don’t get a good look at the suspect as he is following COVID rules and wearing a face mask.

It will be difficult to identify him given the lack of identifiable information, but if anyone has any information please email

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