TeslaCam and GoPro capture massive highway pile-up

The cameras on a Tesla are always watching, sometimes catching senseless acts of vandalism.

Other times the footage from the TeslaCam can serve as important evidence in a crash, as was the case with this massive pile-up caught on the cameras of this Model Y, and the GoPro that was running inside of it.

Bruce Comer was driving home from work on a rainy day while recording a new video for his YouTube channel all things tesla, when traffic suddenly came to a stop due to an accident ahead of him.

At the time Bruce was travelling with Autopilot engaged, which detected the stationary vehicles and first applied the brakes. Unfortunately the cars in the fast lane did not have Autopilot, and were not able to stop in time, causing a massive pile-up next to him.

Fortunately Bruce was somehow able to avoid becoming part of the accident, even needing to accelerate to avoid a second accident behind him.

This video is a good example of how Tesla’s driver-assist feature Autopilot can react safely to avoid accidents. Statistics show a car with Autopilot engaged is 10x less likely to have an accident than one without.

Check out the full video below, which was featured on the popular Wham Baam Teslacam channel. Canada is also featured in the montage with a clip from Alberta.

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