Vandal caught on Sentry Mode knifing Tesla after following it into parking lot [Video] – Update

Tesla Sentry Model vandal

Yet another vandal has been caught on Sentry Mode causing thousands of dollars of damage to a Tesla Model 3, all for what seems like no reason at all.

This latest incident of bizarre vandalism took place in a Walmart parking lot on November 28, 2020 in Victorville, California. Thanks to the multiple cameras on the Model 3, we actually know it all started well before.

While waiting to proceed straight through an intersection at a red light, a red Chevrolet Suburban pulls up next to the Tesla in the left-turn only lane. As the light turns green, the Suburban decides to cut off the Tesla and pull into the through lanes. According to the Tesla owner, Codi Weimer, he left him plenty of space for the illegal manoeuvre, and that can clearly be seen in the video.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough, as like a predator stalking his prey, the Chevy driver follows Weimer into a nearby Walmart parking lot, parks a row away, and then sits in his car until the coast is clear.

Once he thinks it’s safe, the suspect exits his vehicle and grabs a knife out of his pocket. As he approaches the car with the clear intention of knifing it, he is initially spooked away by someone approaching from the front. He doubles back, and then turns around again to follow through with leaving a deep gash on both doors of the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 damage

Thanks to the multiple cameras, we get a clear look not only at the suspect, but also his license plate. According to the owner, he has filed a police report. To help with the investigation, if anyone has any information on the identity of the suspect, please contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office.

Update #1 10:36am PST: According to a statement made by the attending police officer, an arrest should be easy thanks to all of the information captured by the cameras on the Model 3. The only concern may be if the suspect has not kept his address current. The owner reports he was able to confirm the address of the suspect thanks to a tip from someone who saw the video. The information will be provided to police, and he is hoping for an arrest to be made soon.

Update #2 2:52pm PST: Good news! Weimer tells Drive Tesla he was just notified by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office that the suspect, Roberto Mendez, has been arrested and charged with felony vandalism.

28 NOV 2020 at 13:28

11896 Amargosa Rd
Victorville, CA 92392

VIN: 1GNEC16Z86J170139
5.3L V8 F
“Fencing MOM” sticker on back

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