Help identify this suspect caught keying a Tesla Model 3 in California [Video]

Despite the numerous cases of Tesla’s Sentry Mode capturing vandals and criminals in the act, there is still a large percentage of the population that still don’t know that Tesla vehicles are always watching.

The latest case of Tesla vandalism comes from Toulumne Grove in Yosemite, California. The incident, which occurred on June 18th, was perfectly captured by the side-repeater cameras on L.V.’s Model 3.

In the video, a family can be seen returning to their BMW SUV after enjoying the giant sequoia grove in Yosemite National Park.

What appears to be the father of the group casually looks around to make sure no one is watching, pulls out his keys, and proceeds to walk down the right passenger side while digging his key into the side of the Model 3.

After committing the crime, he appears to notice the 15-inch display inside the Model 3 showing that he has just been recorded…oops!

The Sentry Mode footage also captured some of the passengers in the suspect vehicle, but the face of one has been blocked out as she appeared to be a minor.

UPDATE: The shirt worn by the female in the video is from the “Annual Monterey Sevens” rugby tournament in Monterey, California.

With the clear footage and distinctive clothing worn by the one passenger, which could indicate they are from Monterey, California, there is a good chance of this vandal being identified and justice being served.

If you can identify any of the suspects, reach out to L.V. on Twitter.

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