The Boring Company suing The Boring Company for trademark infringement

TBC Nevada
The 'other' Boring Company

A Nevada based ‘The Boring Company’ is suing Elon Musk’s ‘The Boring Company’, claiming it came up with the name well before Musk did.

In a complaint filed Tuesday in Las Vegas District Court, The Boring Company LLC says it was founded in 2006. The confusion around the name is compounded by the services they offer, which the company says are “the precise services offered” by Musk’s company. These include drilling, trenching, concrete coring and more, reports Las Vegas Review-Journal.

TBC services

The similarities have led to confusion that has affected the company’s operations and online presence. In their suit the company alleges they have received “a barrage of phone calls” resulting in hours of additional work and lost revenue.

They even receive invoices, past due statements, and notices of intent to file liens, all of which were intended for the other Boring Company.

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Before filing the lawsuit, the Nevada company says they have tried to negotiate with Musk’s company, but have been unable to resolve the issue.

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