Man caught urinating on Tesla Model X, then throws bubble tea on hood

If last week’s episode of how to get caught on Sentry Mode wasn’t enough, where a man was captured throwing a cup of coffee on a Tesla Model 3, this week we have a new vandal throwing bubble tea on a Tesla. But it’s what he did before that which is truly disgusting.

Captured in Oakland California, near the intersection of 8th Street and Webster Street, the footage shows a young couple on a sidewalk approaching the Model X. The male stops, has a few words with his partner, then looks around to make sure no one is watching (I guess he hasn’t seen the countless videos of other idiots being caught on Sentry Mode doing stupid things). He then proceeds to urinate on the side of the Model X (thankfully it’s blurred out), but not before the Tesla captures a perfect image of his face, and his accomplice (part 1 video).

Sentry Mode vandals

They then proceed to walk away, but not before the male sniffs his fingers (ewww, who does that) (part 2 video). You might think that’s the end of it, but as they walk away, the male throws his large cup of bubble tea at the Tesla, hitting the hood and windshield (about 21 seconds into part 3).

Internet, do your thing and identify and shame these two idiots.



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