Red Tesla Semi spotted on a trailer just south of Canadian border returning from winter testing

Last month a keen eyed Tesla fan in small town Ashcroft, British Columbia spotted a silver Tesla Semi on the back of a truck, rumoured to be heading north for some cold weather testing. It appears now that may not have been the only Tesla Semi there, as a very dirty red one was spotted yesterday.

This sighting on March 22, 2020 was of a red Tesla Semi, also on the back of a truck. It was presumably getting towed back to Tesla HQ in California, as it was spotted a few hours south of the Canadian border in Olympia, Washington.

The Canadian border was closed at midnight on Friday, only remaining open for non-essential travel. This includes the transportation of goods and travel for work, which is how Tesla must have been able to get across the border over the weekend.

Olympia, Washington was also the location of a black Model Y sighting earlier this year.

First introduced in late 2017, the Tesla Semi is scheduled to go into limited production later this year. It is still unknown where exactly the Tesla Semi will be built. Currently all of Tesla’s North American facilities are shutdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, with just Giga Shanghai currently manufacturing vehicles.

Featured image: Reddit

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