Tesla Semi Service Technician job posting published for Mississauga, Ontario [Update]

Last month Drive Tesla reported on several job postings for Semi technicians in North America. Three of the job postings were for California, while the fourth was for Canada and based in Mississauga, Ontario.

The postings were not available to the public, and only published internally to see if any existing employees would be interested. If no qualified candidates were found, they were expected to be published externally on Tesla’s Careers website.

It looks like they were successful in filling the roles for California, but not for Canada as a Semi Service Technician job has now been officially posted online.Tesla Semi job posting Ontario

UPDATE April 13, 2021: Tesla has now posted additional jobs in the US in both California and Nevada.

Semi job

The successful applicants will have a large impact on Tesla’s Semi program. According to the posting the Semi Service Technician will have the unique opportunity to assist in building beta level Tesla Semi vehicles, likely at Giga Nevada.

They will also help with creating and maintaining repair instructions that will be used by future Semi technicians in the field.

Once the first Semi trucks are delivered to customers, they will travel to their locations to work in their workshops alongside their technicians.

Tesla is hoping to begin some deliveries of the Semi later this year. Rumours have suggested production could begin this summer with a limited number of trucks delivered in 2021, before ramping up in 2022.

Mississauga was likely chosen as the home base for the Semi Service Technician due to two large Canadian orders with home bases in the area. Pride Group Enterprises ordered 150 units, with an option for 500, and Walmart Canada tripled their order last year to 130 units.

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