Tesla posts video of Semi electric truck’s durability testing

Tesla has started the electric Semi truck deliveries, with the first batch going to PepsiCo. However, before getting to that stage, the company vigorously tested the truck. It has released a video where the Semi was put through its paces for durability.

Tesla carried out the test despite using parts from the Model S and Model X Plaid that have already been tested for millions of miles.

The video, shared by Tesla on LinkedIn, shows the Semi in different driving conditions, including winter and water splashing into some components. Tesla also invites people to join the Vehicle Test Team with a link to their Careers page and a job posting for a ‘Vehicle Test Engineer – Semi’ based out of Fremont, California.

The footage of the drive in the snow appears to be from when Tesla tested the truck in Alaska, which would put that particulate prototype further back in the development timeline. However, the rest of the clip appears to show the latest generation of the truck.

Meanwhile, there is no official data on how long the Semi will last. However, buyers have little to fear as Tesla’s other vehicles have lasted hundreds of thousands of miles.

CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that the Semi has an efficiency of 1.7 kWh, putting the battery pack at roughly 900 kWh capacity.

Tesla also posted a time-lapse video of the truck completing a 500-mile drive, fully loaded and on a single charge.

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