Is Tesla hiding a Semi Megacharger in plain sight at the Firebaugh Supercharger?

So far we know of two Tesla Semi Megacharger installations.

One has been recently completed at Giga Nevada, and another is under construction at Frito-Lay’s facility in Modesto, California.

Based on a recent discovery at the Firebaugh Supercharger, there could be a third.

While visiting the largest Supercharger in the US (until Santa Monica completes construction), @omg_tesla came upon a long stretch of cables running through the parking lot.

The Twitter user tells us the cables have been there since at least December, but today he decided to follow them back to the source.

Once he made it around the utility equipment, he was shocked to see the cabinet labeled “TESLA MEGA CHARGER.”

Considering this is obviously an official Tesla installation, it would be hard to image a technician would mistakenly label it as a Megacharger instead of a Supercharger, if that’s not what it is.

The five cables – orange, yellow, white, green, and brown, instead of the Megacharger connector we have seen in Modesto indicates this is a temporary solution and likely only in place until Tesla can build more permanent infrastructure.

According to information received by Drive Tesla from an anonymous source, the first public Megacharger will be installed in early 2023 in southern California along the I5, the main north–south Interstate Highway on the west coast.

Firebaugh is located on SR33, just a short distance off the I5, making it a potential candidate for this first public location.

We have yet to see any Tesla Semi trucks on the road, but that could change soon with PepsiCo expected to receive up to 15 units very soon.

If any of our readers knows more about this installation, or spot anything interesting taking place at the Firebaugh Supercharger, please reach out to us at

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