The world’s most expensive Tesla Roadster just sold for over $250k

The world’s most expensive Tesla Roadster was just sold by Gruber Motors for an undisclosed sum over $250,000.

It is a very early Roadster in a great condition and shows that these cars are becoming great collectibles.

“A record setting first generation Tesla Roadster auction sale took place early this year, with a $190K sale, and just three weeks later, the record was broken again with another Roadster sale over $250k.

Both of these early Roadsters sold well over the original $106K – $160K MSRP, and the story behind these sales is detailed in Gruber Motors latest video.

CEO Pete Gruber also explains an interesting history of high value fluctuation of the first ever Tesla vehicle.


”It also is a clear indication the first generation Tesla Roadster is drawing interest from collectors and in a bull market”, said Pete Gruber of the Arizona-based independent Tesla service center.

The $250k Tesla Roadster is a low VIN (actually just 13th ever-produced Tesla vehicle) limited Signature 100 car in amazing condition. With just 1,351 km driven, it has a 53 kWh battery pack and it can go over 300 km on a charge.

Details of the 2008 Roadster sold in auction for $250k:

World's most expensive Tesla Roadster (Credit Gruber Motors)
World’s most expensive Tesla Roadster – details (Credit Gruber Motors)

More photos of the $250k Tesla Roadster:

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