Original Tesla Roadster owners will get dedicated technicians and service advisors

Original Tesla Roadster

Tesla’s first vehicle released in 2008 and delivered up to 2012 was the Roadster, which was based on a Lotus Elise chassis. It was never meant to be a high volume production vehicle, and Tesla only made about 2,450.

Since then, with the production of the Model S, then Model X, and now Model 3, those original electric car enthusiasts were beginning to feel a little neglected by Tesla, as their focus shifted from niche to mainstream automaker, now producing hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year.

But in recent weeks, Tesla has been reaching out to these original Roadster owners, acknowledging their mistakes and lack of attention to the Roadster, but promised to make it up to them. Beginning soon there will be a new “dedicated channel” for Roadster owners, with their own service advisors, service technicians, and repair centers, according to a report from CNBC.

In the communication sent to Roadster owners, Tesla’s President of Automotive, Jerome Guillen, wrote, “We appreciate your continued and pioneering support for Tesla. We realize that we need to improve service for Roadster.” Guillen also suggested that Roadster owners consider trading in their vehicles for one of Tesla’s three current models, or even use it as a deposit towards the new Roadster.

Here’s a copy of the full email sent to Roadster owners.

“Dear ‘owner name’,

According to our records, we believe you own Roadster ‘VIN’. If you are receiving this email in error, no longer own a Roadster or need to update your contact information, please let us know by replying to this email.

We appreciate your continued and pioneering support for Tesla. We realize that we need to improve service for Roadster- we are putting in place a dedicated channel to help you with all your Roadster needs. This means dedicated Service Advisors, Service Technicians, and repair centers.

Reach us by emailing ’email address’ to schedule a Service appointment, get status updates, request parts or speak with an expert. Note that this channel only services Roadsters and you should continue to use the Tesla app for all other Tesla cars.

You can also trade-in your current Roadster and apply the value towards the purchase of a Model S, Model X or Model 3- even a reservation for a next generation Roadster. Request a trade-in quote to get started.

In the case of an emergency, please continue to contact Roadside Assistance at ‘phone number’.

Many thanks for your continued support for Tesla.

Best Regards,
Jerome Guillen”

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