Your Data Belongs To You: Tesla shares detailed look at how it handles your data

One of the best features of Tesla cars is their connectivity, but that also comes hand in hand with concerns around privacy and security and what Tesla is doing with all the data it collects. In an attempt to ease those fears Tesla has published new information on its website giving us a detailed look at their commitment to keeping your data private.

Simply called ‘Privacy,’ the new page starts off with the catch phrase, “Your Data Belongs To You,” with Tesla explaining in a short video they take your privacy extremely seriously and their approach is intended to exceed industry standards.

The accompanying support page goes into far greater detail around what data is collected from your car, and whether that data is stored locally or shared with Tesla.

Since 2020 Tesla owners have been able to request a copy of all the data Tesla has collected on your vehicle. The automaker now provides more details about how to make this request and what data it will contain.

Tesla has also included a table telling us which data elements its collects that are associated to your account, with four of the six being for when there is a “safety critical event only.” (via Electrek)

Processed directly on vehicle by default Shared with Tesla, but not associated with your account Shared with Tesla and associated with your account
Sentry Mode camera recordings N/A N/A
Dashcam camera recordings N/A N/A
Cabin camera data If opted in through Data Sharing If FSD Beta enabled and safety critical event occurs
Autopilot camera recordings If opted in through Data Sharing In the occurrence of a safety critical event only
Location data If opted in through Data Sharing In the occurrence of a safety critical event only
Speed N/A In the occurrence of a safety critical event only
Voice commands N/A N/A
Browsing history N/A N/A
Odometer For fleet analysis and improvement Last known value only, for warranty calculation
Charging data If third-party charging network used If Supercharger network used
Touchscreen interactions N/A

How to get a copy of all the data Tesla has from your vehicle

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