Tesla Model Y refresh codenamed ‘Juniper’ under development

Tesla is working on a refresh of the popular Model Y electric SUV with the project being given the codename ‘Juniper.’ The updated version of the Model Y is expected to enter production in 2024.

Tesla first released the Model Y in 2020, with it quickly becoming a top seller for the automaker in many states and countries around the world. Not even three years old the Model Y is on track to become the best selling vehicle in the world this year, after finishing in a solid fourth place last year, outsold only by the Ford F-150, Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla.

Even with its growing popularity Tesla is already looking to refresh the electric SUV with an updated version. According to details of the project shared with Reuters by two anonymous sources, project Juniper will involve updates to the interior and exterior of the Model Y, although no exact details of the changes were provided.

Tesla is far enough along with the project however that it is already asking suppliers for quotes on the new interior and exterior components. The sources explained that based on the current schedule project Juniper is expected to enter production in October 2024.

While no specific details of the changes are available, it stands to reason that project Juniper will follow in the footsteps of project Highland, which is the Model 3 refresh that is expected to be released soon. That project involves styling updates, but also updates to the car that will simply production and reduce the number of components, ultimately resulting in cost savings for the automaker.

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