Xiaomi will unveil the prototype of its first EV model in August

Xiaomi logo

The cell phone giant Xiaomi may unveil its first model’s engineering prototype of its first electric vehicle (EV) in August.

According to a report by Sina Tech, sources at both the company and their partners confirmed the announcement window.

The company will unveil the model and complete a series of tests after the debut, including its first winter test. Xiaomi is currently aiming for a 2024 production start for the EV.

In addition to engineering work, Xiaomi Auto is starting to spin up the rest of its organization.

According to the report, Xiaomi Auto is working with Shanghai HVST Automobile Design, which is currently the design engineering team for the Maven concept from WM Motor. The company also hired a PR Director, which indicates the company is starting to spin up that side of the business.

Currently, we do not know much about the work being done by Xiaomi.

We know that their R&D division is already more than 1,000 people and growing. We also know that Xiaomi will launch four models, two models each in the mid-range and high-end market.

From an automotive standard, this is a fast and intense pace.

It was only in late March last year that the company launched their automotive business, and the fact it will be able to unveil an engineering prototype 18 months later is unprecedented.

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