Which global cities have the most EV chargers? [Study]

It has been a question at the top of mind for many, what global cities are leading the charge to electrify? Well, the team at The Clunker Junker has done the work, and their 2023 Global EV Accessibility Report is live for all to see.

The company used publicly available data from OpenStreetMap or Google Maps API to source road data and plugshare.com to source EV charging station data. The study examined how many chargers are there per 1,000 km of road.

The top five cities with the most EV chargers per 1,000 km are:

  1. Cambridge, MA, USA – 225.9 chargers per 1,000 km
  2. Montreal, QC, Canada – 187.2 chargers per 1,000 km
  3. Boulder, CO, USA – 150 chargers per 1,000 km
  4. Santa Clara, CA, USA – 148.5 chargers per 1,000 km
  5. Taipei, Taiwan – 138.3 chargers per 1,000 km

When compared to chargers per overall road length, Canadian cities dominated Saanich, BC, coming in first and Montreal in third. Other Canadian cities in the top ten were Victoria in 7th and Vancouver in 9th. Burnaby, Richmond, Waterloo, Quebec City and Laval all placed in the top 50.

The report is truly global, with numbers from across the world. One of the big things to us was that Mainland China, excluding Hong Kong, does not have a single city in the top ten for Asia. Taiwan and Japan are dominating in terms of EV infrastructure.

Also, in Europe, the Swiss took three of the top five spots, which was a bit of a surprise.


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