Watch out for people trying to steal your Tesla Model 3 while you sit in it [VIDEO]

Attempting to steal Model 3

This is definitely a new one for us, and something you likely haven’t seen before. We told you recently about how someone mistakenly unplugged a Tesla thinking it was theirs, only to realize that their Tesla was parked a few stalls away.

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A video has been posted to Facebook of a couple sitting in their Model 3 while charging, when a woman approaches the vehicle and claims that it is her vehicles. She proceeds to shout and yell at the couple that the vehicle is in fact hers, while the occupants (and actual owners) of the vehicle ask her how they were able to get in if it wasn’t theirs.

We’re not quite sure how to explain this one. The most probable explanation for this video is that the lady is either high on something, or experiencing some kind of mental issue, and this wasn’t a case of mistaken identity. Either way, a scary situation for the owners of this Model 3.

Check out the video below. The Tesla is only the first 1m18s of the video. If you want to watch an excruciating attempt at parking, you can watch the full video.

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