VW cuts prices and revises trim levels for ID lineup for some European markets

Volkswagen has announced that the company is cutting prices and revising the trim offerings across the ID lineup in specific markets in Europe. The changed impact France, Germany, Belgium, Norway and Sweden.

After a series of sometimes substantial price cuts last year by Tesla, Volkswagen stood out as one of the select automakers choosing not to follow suit with their own pricing adjustments. At the time Oliver Blume said they had no interest in engaging in a price war with Tesla, emphasizing the company had “a clear pricing strategy” and had “trust in the strength of our products and brands.”

Furthermore, Blume explained Volkswagen’s aspirations are to secure a position as a global leader in the electric vehicle sector with profitable growth, and that in order to do so the company must maintain a strategic approach rather than succumbing to market pressures and price fluctuations.

That was early in 2023, but by September they were halting production of the ID.3 and Cupra Born EVs, and in November announced a delay for a European EV battery plant, both of which were attributed to slow demand.

With the start of a new year, Volkswagen is again shifting gears, lowering prices and adjusting the number of trim levels available of their ID lineup in some European markets.

In France, VW has lowered the prices of the entire ID lineup to qualify for the French government subsidy. The vehicles will also now have two additional trim lines, the ID and Life Max. The ID.4 started at 51,000 Euros at the start of 2023, and one year later is now starts at 43,990 Euros. The new starting prices of the ID trims are: (via Automotive News Europe)

ID.3 Pro ID Trim 39,990 Euros
ID.4 ID Trim 43,990 Euros
ID.5 ID Trim 50,500 Euros

In Germany, VW announced that it would fund its own EV subsidies after the German government ended its support for EV incentives abruptly. The new pricing will provide customers a savings of over 7,700 Euros on some ID models. VW also has lowered the cost of the ID.3 with a new 39,995 Euro starting price.

In Belgium, Volkswagen has adjusted its prices to allow the ID.3 and ID.4 to qualify for the EV bonus of 5,000 Euros.

The new pricing is:

ID.3 37,990 Euros
ID.4 39,649 Euros

Norway has also seen some changes to the price of the ID model lineup to make VW more competitive in the country. The ID.3 was as expensive as 500,000 Norwegian krona in the past, so these discounts are significant. The new pricing of the ID.3 and ID.4 is:

ID.3 358,000 Norwegian krona
ID.4 413,000 Norwegian krona

In Sweden, Volkswagen has added two new trims to the ID, the EU, a base version, and the Edition, which adds features in other trims at a lower price. Below is an example of the new pricing structure on the ID.3; all other VW ID models follow similar pricing models in the country.

ID.3 Pro Performance Edition 479,000 krona
ID.3 Pro Performance 460,000 krona
ID.3 EU 448,000 krona


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