Government of Canada investing $2 million to bring 260 EV chargers to Alberta

The Government of Canada is expanding their investments in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure into Alberta.

Funded through the Natural Resources Canada’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP), the federal government will provide $2 million to Alberta Municipalities to install up to 260 EV chargers across the province.

“The Electric Vehicle Charging Program will help forward-thinking municipalities get ready for an electric future. With this investment from the Government of Canada, our members can put their communities on the EV charging station map at no cost to their taxpayers,” Paul McLauchlin President, Rural Municipalities of Alberta.

Much like other recent investments from the government, Alberta Municipalities will select the locations for the EV chargers through a transparent application process and will be based on demand.

The goal is to install them in public places, multi-unit residential buildings, on streets, at workplaces or facilities for servicing light-duty vehicle fleets.

All chargers are scheduled to be installed and available to the public by October 2023.

The press release did not specify if these will be Level 2 or DC fast chargers. Based on the amount of the investment, they will likely all be Level 2 chargers.

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